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Audio Vignettes

My name is Michele Pollock Dalton; and, the characters I create are more than figments of my imagination. They live, love, laugh, and linger in mind even after their story has left my hand.


These audio vignettes are short stories that delve into their past and illuminate the future. As an author, I share these little windows in time so my readers can get a glimpse of the motivation and development of these fictional friends.

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Maggie Bakker Thompson 

This trio of short stories from 1962 is best listened to after book four, "Out of the Past" and includes the episodes "Silenced," "Separated," and "Shared." Trigger Warning: Child Abuse


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Margaret Catherine Kavanagh

This trio of short stories from 1959 is best listened to after book one, "Out of the Ashes," and includes the episodes "Whispers," "Swept Away," and "Tippy-Toes."


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John Brandt


This trio of short stories from 1950 is best listened to after book seven, "Out of Touch," and includes the episodes "Buckaroo," "Baby Love," and "Bitter Winds."


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Lily & Johann Brandt

This duo of short stories from 1913 is best listened to after the first prequel, "Mercies in Disguise" and includes the episodes "Enrkdankfest" and "Merry & Bright."


Rick Barr, Narrator

Musician, Audio Narrator, and Voice Professional, Rick Barr is the voice of romance for numerous authors. Rick's rich, mellow baritone adds a perfectly delightful dimension to all of my audio endeavors.


But, his first love is that good ole’ time rock n’ roll. Based out of Columbus, Ohio, he can be found at numerous entertainment venues sharing his talent.


Find Rick on FacebookTwitter, or on his website.

And don't forget to check out his new project here!

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