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Out of Africa -

The Beginning

In 2008, I was blessed to become the mother to a remarkable little boy with Down syndrome. And, as I learned to manage his specific medical and developmental needs, I was humbled by the strength and tenacity I found in that tiny scrap of humanity.

Several years later at a church event, I was introduced to a local missions group that worked in the African country of Liberia. After that eye-opening presentation, I was delighted to discover the work of Christina Hoffmann and His Safe Haven.

As intimated in the OUT OF AFRICA series, children born with special needs are often abandoned or discarded by their families. And, in the poorest nation on earth, these special souls are truly the most endangered of all. 

That is where the work of His Safe Haven comes in: this growing "village" of foster homes for disabled children is a beacon of hope, safety, and growth for the vulnerable and weak.

So, it is my remarkable privilege and pleasure to support the vitally important work happening in an out-of-the-way corner of western Africa. In that vein, I dedicate "Out of Africa - The Beginning" to the wonderfully devoted people of His Safe Haven and pledge the net proceeds of this book to the continued well-being of these precious children.

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His Safe Haven partners with communities, individuals, and churches to come alongside families, offering support through education, training, and encouragement as they care for their child. When necessary, we will help secure a trained and loving family to provide foster care for an abandoned child with special needs.

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