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Mercies in Disguise

Johann Brandtstadter returns home a weary man, tired of the bloodshed and horror that war brings. When he finds a dear childhood friend grown into young womanhood, he cannot help but claim her for his own.


At the turn of the twentieth century, life is changing and not necessarily for the better. Can Johann and his young bride find a safe place to call home despite the tension and mayhem of a world on the brink of war?


"Mercies in Disguise" is a prequel to the OUT OF AFRICA series and follows the journey of Johann and Lily Brandtstadter from their German Fatherland to the shores of America.

This story contains subtle sensuality.

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"Mercies in Disguise," is the first prequel in the OUT OF AFRICA Series. Unabridged. Narrated by Rick Barr.


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Digital Book

"Mercies in Disguise," the first prequel of the OUT OF AFRICA Series, delivered via link directly to your inbox. Suitable for any e-reading device.


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"Mercies in Disguise," the first prequel of the OUT OF AFRICA Series. Large Print book not available at this time.


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"There is alot to love about this book. I would highly recommend this series."


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"Enthralling, gripping, unputdownable."

Tandy O.

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"This is definitely a 5-Star series. I would highly recommend."

Goodreads Customer

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